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Pre- Season Program
         Tactical Sessions

Net Sessions

Our structured net sessions are designed to prepare our players for outdoor games through game scenarios and competitive themes.

  • Game Scenarios- Players are given different scenarios to plan and execute  from both a batting and bowling point of view in a live net.

  • Themes- Players learn to play different formats such as 2 day, 50 over, T20 and 100 ball cricket to get them thinking more about the game.


Indoor Games prompt our players to be more game aware and give a realistic feel to the cricket season outdoors by working on;

  • Running Between the Wickets.

  • Fielding and Backing up.

  • Bowling to a Field

  • Rotating Strike while Batting

  • Powerhitting


Indoor Games

As much as we focus on technical things in our program, we also look at the mental side of the game that improves decision making through discussions such as;

  • How to Build an Innings When Batting.

  • Setting Fields to When Bowling.

  • Playing out Scenarios.

  • Preparation For Games.

  • Key Reflection Points after Games. 


Games Intelligence

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