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Cricket Camps

Improve Your Game

Our General Holiday Courses are aimed at providing fun and innovative game based learning for children of all abilities between ages 5- 14 years.
Our focus is to create an appetite for cricket in a fun and safe environment so, whether your child is a 'Soft Ball Player' or an experienced 'Hard Ball Player' there is a lot that they can benefit from our courses.



This course is suitable for children between  4-8 years old and it is soft ball based full of fun games that introduce basic cricket skills, improve motor skills and build self confidence.

General Course  

Aimed at 8-13 year olds, our General Course applies to both beginners and experienced club tier players that play either hard ball or softball. The course is more relaxed with fun games that develop cricket                                 confidence as well as more in-depth cricket skills.

Advanced Course 

Our Advanced Course is a more in-depth and technical course aimed at kids that are between the ages 11- 14 years who a generally in the Hampshire       Pathway System (RPC/CAG) however, any club tier players that are experienced hard ball players are welcome to join.

Upcoming Courses

Spring Cricket Camps

@Locks Heath Cricket Club

29th- 31st of May 2024

Holiday Courses: Classes
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