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Technical Sessions



  • Video Analysis to ensure safe and repeatable actions.

  • Bowling Alignment that will improve  accuracy.

  • Bowling with a speed gun to improve and maintain good pace.

  • Learning Variations and when to execute them.



  • Video Analysis to combat weakness.

  • Use of Stance Beam Technology to gather performance data.

  • Batting Drills to Improve execution of shots.

  • Building Confidence of facing fast bowling.

  • Learning to play against Spin.

Fielding/Wicket Keeping

  • Catching, Throwing, and Ground Fielding techniques.

  • Fielding and movement drills. Competitive group fielding drills.

  • Wicket Keeping Drills for Wicket Keepers.

  • Live net Wicket Keeping for Wicket keepers


Strength and Conditioning

  • Fitness Tests that include Cardio and Core Strength, players are tested at the start and at the end of the program to check to monitor progress.

  • A fitness program that runs along side the training sessions to ensure our players are developing physically.

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